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Brake Rotors

Brake rotors

 Disc brake rotors are metal discs that work together with the brake pads and calipers to slow the vehicle. Brake rotors bolt directly to the wheel hub, so they spin in direct relation to wheel speed.

When the brake pedal is depressed, the calipers squeeze the brake pads against the spinning rotors to slow and stop the wheels and the vehicle. Since rotors work to slow the vehicle by using friction from direct contact with the brake pads, they do wear out over time, and will eventually need to be replaced.
Usually, when rotors have a problem, they produce a few symptoms that alert the driver they require attention. Get in touch with the experts at Brake Doctor for effective brake rotor replacement. You'll be pleased to know that we stand behind the parts we install with a 2-year / 40,000-mile WARRANTY that covers parts and labor!

Brake Rotor Installations Done Right

We also install new brake rotors that meet the original equipment specification for your vehicle. In addition to this, we offer rotors with a rust-resistant coating for many vehicles, which makes them last longer and look better through your wheels.

We do not resurface rotors on a lathe. Resurfacing is known to cause trouble down the road. Most of the issues you have with a rotor are due to rust clogging the cooling channels leading to overheating, cracking, excessive wear, and warping. 

Resurfacing does nothing to address the cooling channels in your rotor. What it does do, is thin down your rotor making it even more susceptible to overheating.

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